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Can't create custom order for Liked Songs

Can't create custom order for Liked Songs





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Windows 10


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Title.  The "Custom Order" sort option for my Liked Songs playlist is supposed to let me create, well, a custom order; however, dragging and dropping tracks does absolutely nothing and the order just defaults to most recently added.

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Hey @Aquaesque,


Thanks for the post.


It's currently not possible to move around the songs in your Liked songs as they're sorted by Date Added by default. 


Other users feel that there should be such an option. You can check out the Idea here - leave your +Vote and subscribe.


Here you can read more on how ideas work.


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.

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Thanks for the reply, Alex.  I have to say that if it's not actually possible to custom-sort the order of Liked Songs, then having a sort option labeled "Custom Order" seems incredibly misleading.  Not to mention that if it defaults to sorting by date added then it's redundant with the "Date Added" option.

Hey there @Aquaesque,

Thanks for your quick response.

We understand your frustration with this user experience, so perhaps you can share your thoughts and valuable feedback in the idea thread that @Alex has mentioned.

Please note that even if an idea is currently set to “Not Enough Votes” you can still add your vote there and we revisit those ideas on regular intervals. It might be that their time would be right in the future.

Hope this helps clarify things. Don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else we can help with.

Kiril Moderator
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Wow, and it's as always at Spotify: great questions and completely useless answers.

all I can ask is, "Why? Why isn´t that possible? Editing a playlist shouldn´t be that of a problem to implement. Come on, get coding and fix this fail

oh yeah, my thoughts at this moment. Why prevent users from editing their personal playlists.

Terrible software design. Let us determine our own order. How hard is this? Winamp allowed this decades ago.

funny thing is, that you can change order of songs in "normal" playlist, simply by drag and drop. Not so in "Liked Songs". 

They are blocking this on purpose as it seems. Shame on you Spotify

Oh wow, a reply in 2022 pointing to an idea that's already been closed a year back...

Still not activated / implemented. Ridiculous.

There used to be a way that you could 'sort' your liked songs so that you could listen to them in a certain order however this is not possible anymore because spotify removed that amazing feature.

Worst part is you used to be able to change it but now they've removed that ability.

Any updates? The idea seems really good and had enough votes, you just closed it. Why is this not implemented yet? Such an easy functionality to implement. 

a way I used to work around this was via the desktop version, then clicking "custom" for the sort filter on my mobile devices.... this feature though, seems to have been removed with the most recent update 😕

what a terrible design and bad company decision to not make this a priority. Why even have the custom order option then?

it's 2023 and this song reordering feature is still not implemented.  a summer intern can easily code this up in a few days.

It sucks too because I listen to songs in chronological order and if I accidentally remove them there’s no way to undo it without memorising what order they were originally in and unliking and then reliking songs to fix it. I’ve been hundreds of songs off before and the order is absolutely crucial to me 

And it's not even hard to enable it, it already exists in the playlist we
create, they're not enabling this function just because.

Spotify apparently has a goal of becoming less user-friendly and less usable by the year. 

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