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Cant play starboy from the weeknd.

Cant play starboy from the weeknd.







GalaxyS8+, pc and webplayer

Operating System

android and windows 10


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If I try to play starboy by the weeknd it doesn't play anything. I check to see if i had explicit content turned on so that wasn't the issue. I checked it in the original album and there it didn't work aswell. I went to my pc to check and it didn't work on my desktop app and on the webplayer. 

On mobile if I click the options for the song in my playlist it does say "allow play" but when I click on it nothing happens. I don't have this on pc or webplayer.

I already reinstalled spotify and cleared my cache and that didn't solve the issue. Im kindoff lost right now I think i tried everything I can.

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Hi there @Sanderp99,

thanks for posting !


Greyed out or unplayable tracks might happen due to legal rights of play chosen by the record labels or artists themselves.


A good indication would be to ask a friend or a sibling who's using Spotify (in the same country) to try and play this specific tracks.


If they're unable to play it as well it probably due to the first reason i mentioned.

However, please make sure to read more about missing content on this official information page.


Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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