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Daily Mix recommendations

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iPhone XR 

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iOS 13.3.1


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I have two issues here which are kinda the same:


1. my daily mixes aren't as accurate as they should be, for example, I listen to BTS a lot they're one of my top artists however whenever I open my daily mix 1 (with BTS as the cover) it barely has any songs by them. I recently counted an I found that I only have seven BTS songs in that mix while the majority was NCT who I barely listen to and I find this annoying as it feels like Spotify is pushing this artist down my throat even though I barely listen to them. Additionally, if they were going to make a mix that featured NCT more than BTS then why didn't they put NCT as the cover, as I pressed it expecting to listen to BTS while instead, I get NCT songs. Make it make sense.


2. Which is kinda similar to no.1, some of my daily mixes are completely inaccurate as I used to have this Daily Mix that featured Japanese songs and I realised that most of them weren't even the same genre and some of them were just English musicals/tv show songs which I found unusual as I assumed that daily mixes were organised by genre and language. so to try and get these ENGLISH songs out of my JAPANESE mix I would dislike them, however, they just kept showing up which I find hella infuriating. 


So help????





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Hey there,

So first of all, there is not really any way of changing this for you. I recommend checking out this idea, which suggests you should have the option to press a "Don't Like Button" everywhere.

Now what I also wanted to add, is why I think this is happening (the following is just me speculating):

The Daily Mixes on Spotify probably rely a lot on keywords. If you will listen to K-Pop or whatever, it might show you a lot of songs from the same genre, but it might also show you songs with similar keywords (I'm not even sure if keywords for songs are a thing), which would not have to be from the same genre. I also guess that Spotify wants to show you the music you don't listen to a lot, to show you new songs you might like.

I hope my answer was somewhat helpful and I wish you a great day.

Thanks for the reply,
I just find it frustrating that Spotify doesn't have a feature that fixes this, but as I said I've tried disliking songs and it still recommends them.
Anyways, thanks for the advice tho ✌︎

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