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Deleted podcast episodes still appear as ghost tracks on playlist

Deleted podcast episodes still appear as ghost tracks on playlist






PC / Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s

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Windows 10 / Android


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I've added 76 podcasts episodes to a playlist with songs and the podcast episodes were deleted from Spotify. Now they don't appear on my playlist (of course) BUT the counter of tracks still shows 76 extra ghost tracks.

I've found topics on this but one was only for songs and the other one said to clear the cache (and so I tried) but that didn't work + I tried opening the playlist in different browsers and incognito modes where there's no cache for it and it still says 76.

I had to replicate the playlist on a new one so it'd be cleaner, but there's 4 friends that are following/will refer to, the original playlist, so I'd like to be able to use that one instead of asking them to re-follow the new one.

Leaving a screenshot and link to it:

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Hi there @TomRenti,

Thanks for the post!


Since the last updates it's no longer possible to see unavailable tracks. Before, they'd appear grayed out in your playlists, however now they are not visible. 


Nevertheless, they're still part of the playlist and that's why they're listed in the count.


What we can recommend is to copy over the tracks which are still available to another playlist and delete this once.


Hope this clears things up. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.

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Sad to hear there's no solution to this. Anyway, thanks for your response!

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