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[Vocal integration] Spotify connect + Amazon Echo searches global playlists vs. local

[Vocal integration] Spotify connect + Amazon Echo searches global playlists vs. local


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We're building playlists for our newborn. We're trying to activate them through Amazon Echo devices.

Issue is, playlists names can clash with global Spotify playlists. When Spotify is asked to play playlists, it appears it searches for them globally first. Hence it would only play one of mine if it doesn't find something equivalent/close-enough in the globally-shared playlists.


This is a huge pain. For example we have a playlist called 'Baby piano'. We tried everything we could to name it with 'baby' and 'piano' in in the name, even including baby's name in the playlist's name. But Spotify/Echo ALWAYS ends-up playing a global playlist with a name kind-of, but not the same, as my custom playlist.


This does not make sense to me. Shouldn't the playlists search start by the users' playlists?

We're still working on finding a playlist name that works. Could you please confirm this behavior and, if indeed correct, when this could be fixed?


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Hi @Pott,


Thank you for posting! We're happy to shed some light on the situation


Whenever you use a voice activated speaker, any voice command will automatically search the default audio service's catalog first.


There might be some voice commands that can help with playing your personally created playlists, but the best way to ensure the device doesn't pick a wrong playlist is by initiating the playback via Connect from the mobile app or by using a direct Bluetooth connection.


For help on voice commands we suggest you reach out to Amazon's customer support.


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