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[Desktop][Playlists] Categories for Playlists

[Desktop][Playlists] Categories for Playlists

I, personally, have so many playlists - some of them pertain to similar moods, some do not. It would be amazing to have an option to categorize playlists - so if I wanted to listen to my study playlists, I could click on the category I labeled as "study music", then I could choose out of my favorite playlists for studying. 

As of now I need to scroll through way too many playlists!

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Hey @sarahmg,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community and welcome!


We moved your post to our help boards where we think it fits better.


Make sure to check out playlist folders on the desktop app, which allows you to group your playlists into categories.




If you're looking for this feature specifically for the mobile apps, there's an existing idea here - If you could add your vote and comments there, that helps to keep things tidy!


In case the idea you had is more specific than that, make sure to first check to see if someone hasn't already submitted a similar idea.


If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to submit a new idea, making sure to clarify how what you're suggesting would work differently to the existing Spotify features.

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I love Spotify; I use it on a daily basis, and think that it’s playlist features and general UI are incredible— every other music platform I’ve used pales in comparison. However, I sometimes wish there were a way to “organize” these playlists. Aside from just the normal library filter mode, some way to divide them up based on their general premise, theme, mood, etc. to make navigating your music library much more concise and orderly.


This is where my idea for folders comes in. Although I can think of several ways this premise could be instated, my best thought would be an additional option under the “+” we already have, where you could choose between adding a new playlist or a new folder. You could then drag and drop or assign different playlists to different folders. An example I could come up with is a folder titled “Reading music”, which could have such playlists such as “Orchestral”, “Piano”, or maybe even lofi. Perhaps for the more social type, a folder titled “Car tunes” containing  playlists of different music for different crowds of people or particular passengers one might have while driving, so that everyone can properly enjoy music they are familiar with! There are numerous ways I could see this feature being utilized, and just by speaking with friends, I can already tell this idea might have some traction. So, what do you say Spotify? How about we add folders!

there should be a feature that allows you to add playlists (whether they’re yours or saved ones) to larger custom collections of playlists. like i make little mixtapes of music i’m listening to at a specific time and it would be cool to put them all together in one collection, and all my different vibe playlists in another.

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