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Did spotify remove the feature to download songs from a computer to your phone?

Did spotify remove the feature to download songs from a computer to your phone?

There are a number of artists I listen to that aren't on spotify. To remedy this, I would import them into spotify on my desktop and download that playlist on my phone so I could have their songs.

Within the last week or so, all of those songs were removed from my phone and were no longer available to be played. After spending hours trying to figure out what the issue is, I never found a solution. The only thing I can think of at this point is that this feature or function was removed and is not possible anymore.

Now I have to upload and download each individual song just so I can have it on my phone and then reimport it into spotify. Seems pointless to remove this function when I can still do it, just with an extra step. So now my spotify experience is worse than before.

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Hi @austin_dingess,


Thanks for your concern. Local files should still be accessible to you if you have your files and folders linked correctly. 
Can you verify if you have tried the methods below? I am not sure if you use an iPhone/IOS operating system, but here are the methods for IOS and Desktop:

iOS - Local files to iOS Link 

Desktop - Local Files to Desktop App Link 
Please reach back out if you are still having trouble. 



Yes, I have done everything specified in thatt article linking files from my desktop to my phone. These are also files that I had used before. Only recently were they unable to be accessed on my phone and no amount of reinstalling the application or changing file locations etc. would allow spotify to download them onto my phone

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