Disable Spotify desktop app screen visualizer that dims and obscures screen with useless animations

Disable Spotify desktop app screen visualizer that dims and obscures screen with useless animations

How do I turn off this animated Spotify desktop app screensaver that just showed up on Windows, Mac, and web desktop apps?  Within 10 seconds of idle time it dims the Spotify app, obscuring the screen with animated particles and a dumb spotlight on the bottom coming from the progress slider.  I've looked all over the settings and can't find anything to turn it off.  Disabling hardware acceleration doesn't do anything.  I can't glance over and see what is currently playing without running the mouse over to interrupt the visualization.  I searched a bunch of different keywords and can't find any mention of this new "feature".

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Adding screenshot.

Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 2.18.32 PM.png

Anoying as **bleep**. It blinks, stutters it makes the application pain to use. Give us option to disable it.

Hey @_problems @stenliq 


This easter egg was recently added to the desktop app to celebrate the new season of Stranger Things.


This animation should show up when you are listening to Stranger Things music.


Unfortunately, there isn't a way to disable it right now.


From the article here:



"On July 1, we’ll be adding all the latest sounds from Season 4, Vol. 2 to the Stranger Things Official Playlist following the premiere. But before then, there are some fun Easter eggs for you to explore: On desktop, you can watch the progress bar turn into a flashlight that cuts through the darkness of the Upside Down. And if you scroll through the playlist long enough on mobile, you might discover something spine-tingling..."

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Appreciate for stupid IDEA, its damn laggy ! 

I have no performance issues with my laptop on this. Must depend on the machine. Visual effects are of course more resource-demanding, but my 3 year old i5 laptop with an integrated graphics card has no problems. Personally, I giggled a bit when I saw this and found it to be a nice easter egg that relates to one of my favorite series.


Bug: Spotify doesn't show the normal GUI instead shows this weird image/animation/display



I was listening for a while and then this image started showing up over the spotify window. It is on every page. Sometimes if I click it seems to go away and I might be able to change screens or scroll (very slowly though). Sometimes it'll change back to normal on it's own but only for a few seconds. The bright light at the bottom likes to flash.


Restart/kill task does not solve.


Hardware acceleration is disabled









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Windows 10


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