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Discover Weekly songs are repeating and disappointing me quite often recently.

Discover Weekly songs are repeating and disappointing me quite often recently.






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First of all I'm really happy with the app and with the latest interface changes, you've done a good job. Spotify is really a major part of my daily life. At the end of the year 2021 I was in the top %2 listeners of my country. I feel like this gives me some audacity to speak. I was holding back to say this but things didn't change and the problem keeps triggering me. Also I really want to discover more songs, give me something good Spotify. There was once recommended a "Tastebreakers" list. I discovered some new songs and really liked it. But then it didn't update anymore. Maybe do this type of recommendations more often ? Idk. Discover weekly is lacking quite a bit and when I see the same songs. It's just disappointing. Is this all "the number one music streaming app" can do ?

My biggest problem is that when I dislike some songs and they keep coming back again, again and again. The exact same songs, I know them from names, album covers and of course from listening. Some of them are so bad I can't stand it.

Yes I've read how the algorithm works this way, when the songs belong to multiple albums... Well, I shouldn't worry about it as a customer should I ? Anyways.

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