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Samsung Galaxy, PC

Operating SystemAndroid Oreo, Windows 10


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I have a playlist that I use to study and do homework. It's long over 32 hrs long. It can get repedative...but that's a feature not a bug.  I found some good tracks using the enhanced feature. But I have also found that it's added a lot of music that I do not want added. If I am listening to this play list on shuffle and a truly obnoxious song comes on I want to be able to REMOVE it immediately and get back to work. The current system requires me to scroll through the playlist to find it and root a green track that is currently playing to remove it or add it if I like the track enough.  I can not shoot it down at the track level and when the enchanced button is activated it removes the playlist search/filter function. So I can not simple search for it and plus or minus it. Which makes no sense to me whatsoever.


The crazy thing is if I click skip...the shuffle has a tendency to jump to another enhanced song after being skipped. So now I will know there are multiple bad tracks on my playlist that I can not root out easily. (how it "randomly" finds MULTIPLE crappy enhanced songs on a playlist containing thousands of tracks is a whole other thing.)   I find myself getting distracted from my homework. Fix this. Make it easier. 

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Hi there @minormumbles,


Thanks you for submitting your feedback on the Enhance feature.


Currently there is no way to straight remove a Enhance recommended song from the Now Playing View on your mobile. What you can do is, click the 3-dot menu on the song and select Hide This Song. This will instantly hide the song and skip it. It won't be removed from the playlist, but it will stay hidden. (In order to see hidden songs go to Settings > Show unplayable songs). After you finish your session, you can go through the playlist and hit the Remove button on all the grayed out hidden songs to permanently remove them from the playlist.


I know that this is only a workaround, so I've passed your feedback on to the right folks at Spotify, who're always working on making the app better.



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