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Entire playlist is grayed out

Entire playlist is grayed out

Hi all! I have several playlists on my iPhone 8. All work just fine... except for one. All songs in this particular playlist are grayed out... and I can't figure out why. I'm at home. on my wifi. I have a strong signal. When I log in to Spotify on my computer.. it works just fine. 

I deleted the Spotify app from my phone, and reinstalled it. And the list is still grayed out. The only advice I've found online is to replace each song, one by one. This would take hours. I'm hoping there is another solution. 

Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated! 

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Hi, When did this start happening? 


Unfortunately, this most likely means that the specific versions of the song are no longer available on Spotify and that you need to re-add the available versions when possible. There may be services online that will do this instead of needing to do it manually. 

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