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Exclude Artists & Playlists from Spotify Wrapped

Exclude Artists & Playlists from Spotify Wrapped


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This is a issue some folks and I want to readdress! Same goal/parts from this post.


There are certain playlists and artists I listen to frequently on Spotify for activities that aren't listening to music, like my sleep playlist and lo fi for studying. These genres are the entirety of my Spotify wrapped, which is very disappointing.


Is there a way to exclude certain artists, songs or playlists from counting towards listening totals? I'd appreciate using this to ensure the Spotify Wrapped playlists have an accurate reflection of the songs and artists I discovered during the year, and what some of my favorite songs were.


This was first suggested by user maxjam on an earlier ticket (Spotify Wrapped Customization (4626570)), and I think it is worth bringing up again to review.


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Hey @Inkess,


Thanks for the post.


There is currently no way to manually exclude content from your Wrapped and suggestions algorythm.


What you can do is switch on Private Session every time you listen to content which is outside of your specific music taste. Once Private Session is turned on, whatever you listen to will not influence your Wrapped stats and recommendations algorithm.


Hope you find this info helpful.

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Mine is always disappointing for the same reason.
And hey, Alex, Requiring us to turn on private session is a serious programming fail.  

Hey @lotsofjoy,


Thanks for your reply.


We think it's a great idea to be able to exclude specific content from the Wrapped playlist. Another user had a similar idea and posted it here. Even though the status is set as Case Closed, it doesn't mean the idea has been rejected. We’d suggest adding your vote in the thumbs up icon and subscribing to it to get notified as soon as we have any updates to share.

We hope you found this helpful. We're always here to help.


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Coffee Shop Noise Part 34 is such a banger though! I'd love to see a solution to this. I've started listening to Youtube chillhop streams in to avoid this. "Exclude this playlist/album/track from wrapped" maybe. Retroactive would be very helpful if it happens later in the year. 

Does the new "exclude from taste profile" exclude those songs from appearing in wrapped?
Because if it does, the new feature is perfect!

Yes! I think it's exactly what we've been asking for! More info in their blog post about it:

‘Exclude From Your Taste Profile’ Will Make Your Personalized Recommendations Even Better — Spotify

It is almost perfect.  Looks like it currently only applies to "playlists". I sometimes play specific artists for "sleep music" or when playing kids music while looking after my niece, so it appears this wont address those situations.  I assume I will have to create and manually add those artists' songs to a new playlist and then turn off from there, for these to be excluded.  Frustrating.  It is a band-aid, but it's a start. There should just be a toggle setting on anything you can play to remove from your taste profile, regardless of whether it is a playlist, an artist, an album, etc.  "Perfect" would apply this setting to anything I wish in Spotify.

Can a specific song, album or an artist's entire body of work be excluded, or just playlists? (Asking as a cool dad). 

is there any way to change this? i listened to a lot of sign crush motorist to fall asleep this year and they are my number one but i listened to A LOT more motley crue and they only got second, they should be my number one fr man

I would also love if they would make this edit! I don't even know one of my top 3 artists because they're a chill-lofi artist that pops up in playlists I listen to at the gym. I don't want to have to remember to go into "private mode" every time to just to get an accurate wrapped.

Since this year's Wrapped, I have converted all the albums I don't want to feature next year into Playlists so that I can exclude them from my taste profile. Having deleted those albums from my library, I will hopefully remember to play the songs from the Playlist and the job is done. It would be a lot easier if you could exclude albums, artist, songs and even genres from your taste profile, though; then workarounds like this wouldn't be needed.   

I agree: We need to be able to exclude artists and genres as well. I’m listening to lots of audio plays/books, but I don’t want them to be my no. 1 artist etc.

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