Folders not the same on Mobile as on desktop.

Folders not the same on Mobile as on desktop.



 Samsung S10e, Desktop

Operating System

Android, Windows

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I have sorted ny playlists in multiple folders and also use folders within folders. Within one folder A, I have 2 folders B and C with both some playlists and then some seperate playlists also in folder A. I've organized this on my laptop and it's exactly how I want it to be. However, all these playlists in the 3 folders seem to be randomly assigned to a folder on my phone. When I move 1 playlist to a different folder on my laptop, suddenly the entire folder is empty or 3 different playlists were also moved. This is very annoying, as it makes it hard to find my playlists on mobile. Is this a bug or can I fix it myself?

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Have you been able to rectify this issue? I am also having the same problem!



I have the same problem, did you find any solution??

Thank you!

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