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Greyed out songs

Greyed out songs

I ahve tried literally every solution to this local files not downloading my song. Every time i have tried a solution it just says offline sync no matter how times i have gone offline and downloaded the song and made a playlist and then downloaded the playlist. I can even like the song and have it downloaded its literally just not letting play the song. Its been like this for other songs as well. I have them all coming from the same file. Some work some don't. Fix your app. The song is God is good by IShowSpeed is it some copyright issue bc it is literally not on spotify so idk how the song would be copyrighted when its not even on the app.

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Hey @Zain5,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Sorry to hear that not all of your local files are syncing properly.


Spotify supports the uploading of songs obtained by legal means, which means that some songs might have copyright protection embedded by the label, which would prevent them from syncing properly.


I'd recommend checking this article for more troubleshooting steps and info 🙂 Hope this helps.


Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.

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So, I add some files to a folder and set it as a local file folder on spotify. It plays fine. Then when I rename the files or change the metadata in any way, only a couple of them are playable for some reason, and they become greyed out on THE DEVICE THAT THE FILES ARE ON. This is very annoying, as I can't rename my songs without making them unplayable.




United States


Samsung Galaxy S9

My Question or Issue

I've seen this question pop up a few times but have never found a straight answer, I've had songs on my computer downloaded for a while, after I got Spotify Premium, I wanted to move these songs into my Spotify playlists. They would work for a while on my phone, but eventually, the song name would grey out and wouldn't be able to be played anymore, it still works fine on PC but they won't play on my phone and I have no idea how to fix it

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