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Greyed out songs

Greyed out songs

I’ve read all sorts of questions about greyed out songs, but I am seeing very few answers, especially from Spotify. The only answer I get is the song or album is not approved or available in your country. OK fine, I understand that. IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES!!!! I have quite a few songs from bands that have been around many years, they are from the U. S. and I have been playing their music on Spotify for a long time. Then with no notification of any kind from Spotify, songs I have been listening to for a long time are greyed out on my playlists. Are they too cheap to pay the licensing fees for these songs or what? I am very, very close to dropping Spotify and going to Amazon music. 

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This might be due to licensing renewal I got one that is grayed out I’m like 99% sure it licensing renewal awaiting approval usually it’s always towards the end of each year that it occurs

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