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Hi, I Would love if Spotify could add a search bar in the library on Window 10. I dont want to search through all Albums, Songs or playlist´s on Spotify, I only want to search through my own playlist´s. Therefore I want Spotify to add the search bar in the library like they done on the phone (see picture). When you got over 150 playlist´s it get´s very hard to go through them and see if you already got a playlist on etc 90s or Ghost. Something you can do? Someone with the same problem?






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Sorry, the "hitta i spellistor" as pictured, does not work. Many people have submitted suggestion of a "Search my library"-button and Spotify always claim that the suggestion doesn't meet requirements (for unknown reason). Someone wrote that only downloaded playlists could be searched. I tried that but still no success. I too suggest a function that allows me to search my library for songs, artists, etc. 

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