How to change the country specific recommendations


How to change the country specific recommendations


Ok, so I am English but live in Portugal, currently using Spotify free.


Spotify seems to think thatbecause I live in Portugal I want playlist recommendations, elbums, discover etc of the Portugeuse market.


I don't.  I want English recommendations,as do the millions of other English users that live in countries outside thier home country.


Is it possible to change this?


The one good thing is that all of the crapy Portuguese advertising is totallyt wasted on me.


Also why won't the darn thing remember my log in details every time I log out? (I just use the Windows 8.1 app.








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Hey there folks,


We really appreciate taking the time to post about this here in the Community!


The best way for us to gather your feedback about country-specific content is via the Idea Exchange. Keep in mind that the following ideas have already been posted:

As this thread is a bit older with lots of different feedback in one place, we’re going to lock it for now. Please leave your comments and add your +VOTE to support the respective idea threads above instead.


You can find more about how your feedback reaches Spotify in this Spotify Answer.


Hope this helps clarify things! Don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else - we'll be happy to lend a hand.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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It should definitely remember your login details, have you selected the "remember me" option on the login screen?

As for recommendations, unfortunately Browse and Discover (as well as advertising) are based on your IP address and there is no way to change that I'm afraid unless you want to use a proxy or VPN.

You can however select the country on the Top Lists tab if you like.

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Hi Peter thanks for the response.


Yes i did set remember me.


I have seen on the forums that quite a number of people seem to have this problem and verious people suggest different fixes, but still it doesn't remember me.


I guess the other issue is solved by using my VPN.






I'd like to chime in with my frustration with a similar situation. I'm in Finland and they recently started making their own playlists over here. As much as I love Finnish music (?) I really don't want it mixed up in my mood playlists etc. Before Finland got their own playlists I saw mainly lists by Spotify_UK and I'd like to go back to that. Surely there should be an opt-out option (for premium users at least?) for country-specific playlists? I can't believe that the number of people using Spotify outside their own country is so minuscule that this never occurred to anyone. I appreciate the fact that licencing, but since I can still find the good old Spotify_UK playlists (if I just dig deep enough) this should not be an issue apart from isolated tracks.


All I want is to opt out of Spotify Suomi playlists populating my browse view.


I'm in a similar situation here. I live in Uruguay, and most of my recomendations are latin artists. I HATE LATIN MUSIC. I never listen any of them, but they keep showing up everywhere. I need to have a way to specify what I like and what I don't, that's not necesarily based on my location.


i don`t like latin music... and thats the only thing it shows on my suggestions... 



Yep. Same here. I had international playlists before I started my subscription and had to specify my country of residence. Now I get mainly Spanish pop, which makes me want to drink oven cleaner.
I understand rights restrictions. However, I've found no limitations on the music I can search for. Now that I'm paying for spotify I would really like my browse section to show the sort of playlists I had when I was using it for free. Please fix.


Cannot believe Spotify still has this issue. If we cannot change country suggestions it becomes almost useless and the potencial of the App gets considerably reduced. It becomes more like a Music search site instead, where I can search and save whatever I like. But the random and recommendations area gets banned. I am sure many many people would like to have on sight their homeland suggestions while abroad,.. or just would like to hear different music from those of their own country. Same thing is for search suggestions and discoveries...  Please fix.


I want to listen to German music, and instead I get only Brazilian on my Browse page, really disappointing.

I live in Austria and get only german music recommendations but listen to most playlist from UK, Sweden or US.


Pretty annoying the smuggeling in german music.




I do have the same problem. I am a Portguese who lived in Berlin and now in the Portuguese country side. 


In Berlin I liked the music recommended on the moods. Sometimes I would just click on Lazy Sunday or Raining and I actually liked the music. Also I liked the moods shown first because they related to my own mood. That was a handy way to hear music.


However in Portugal the recommended playlist - I assume based in what people near me  is listening - are just horrible to me and sadly I don't use it at all. I am hearing this EURO 2016 type of music all the time in Portuguese playlist and I find it horrible. 


I wish I could be able to have reccomendations, discover, moods based in Berlin again. 


Nevertheless I love the discovery of the week. 














@Spotify I think it´s time to find a solution for this.. It´s unacceptable and inconvenient.



Ok, I found the Top 50 for each country (charts section). It is helping, but I'd still like to have all suggestions and moods set to a different country.

Having the same problem getting Latin recommendations while I live in the states currently time to fix this @spotify

In your case I'd just change the country in your account settings. Will
probably pay less for the subscription too 😉

The other way around makes everything a lot more expensive.


im in part of a family subscription, and im not the owner, and right now im in the states and I cant change the account info so whats the solution for that?

I'm an English speaker in Germany. I do however hate German music. But all the **bleep** suggestions are full of it!
I'm on a premium family subscription.
Can we get this changed! I know I'm not alone. And changing my billable address to another country isn't an option 😞

vpn switching on an iPhone also highly problematic.

Not happy 😞


Same problem for me. Maybe even worse. I live in switzerland, french speaking part, and everything suggested is swiss german, i mean who wants to listen to "kaffeehausmusik" to relax? Spotify should add some "preferences", it's not because we live in a country that we listen to their music..


This is exactly my problem. I've been living in Switzerland (french part) for 4 years and getting English playlists in the browse section, I actually got pretty into them and suddenly it switched in the summer so all my Browse suggestions are German. It doesn't even adapt to the playlists I seek out on my own, to understand what kind of music I actually enjoy. AND I'm on a Premium account, so I'd like to get some flexibility for what I pay for!


And I thought I was the only one who feels this way. How can I vote for this idea to be considered by Spotify? 

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