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How to create a playlist with my recent liked songs?

How to create a playlist with my recent liked songs?

I´d like to create playlist with the recently liked song of the past 2 months. I can listen just to the most recently added and not to my complete liked songs.


An other option would to add a filter to the "liked songs" playlists.


Thanks for any ideas!


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Hello @lamusical 


At the moment, there is no feature on the app that allows that kind of filtering but it would be convenient indeed so it may be a good step to put it out there in the Idea Submissions so that other users can hopefully back you up. 


There are also third-party apps that have similar features and one I personally use is IFTTT. It has a number of automated features and it creates playlists for songs you added to your library, a library per month. Just a small reminder though, the site is not affiliated with Spotify and connecting it to your account will be at your discretion.


Take care 💚

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Nice clear answer Taylith. Thanks for your info and the link. I didn't know of that link and will submit my idea there. Thanks again!


This is simple, I do it every 45 days (half and end of each quarter. I create 1 playlist for every quarter. Then I open liked songs and add recent songs into the corresponding playlist. When a quarter is finished, the corresponding playlist is completed. This is quite common, most of my friends do this. It takes only a few seconds to do it.

Thanks a lot! nice work around! I just did it and does the job! Thanks!


I did added an idea to spotify (see early reply to my post) so one does not need to do this manually but it to be daily updated. So every day you have your last liked songs automatically of the last 2 months.

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