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I lost my entire Liked Songs

I lost my entire Liked Songs




Samsung Galaxy S8

Operating System

Android 9


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Today I just noticed that I lost every single of my Liked Songs, I have 2 songs now instead 2500+. I closed my account and reopened, I deleted the app and reinstalled, I restarted my phone but nothing worked. I don't know what to do.

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That’s really strange I’ll have someone look into it for you

Okay thank you

Update: When I use Windows Desktop App I see them, and on my phone when I searched that a liked song before, I see the heart icon clicked but when I back to my "Liked Songs" list on my phone I can't see them.

I’ve got this problem as well, I had 950 liked songs before but after the last update it was suddenly 150. I can still see them on PC, also I use iPhone X. 

I didn't even undownload the app. Then when I looked at my playlist and I had over 2800 liked songs before today, and now I have 19! But when I look at my other playlists it still shows that I liked the songs! wth?!! I hope someone can fix that, because that is over 2 years worth of music, that disappeared.

Hi @CaptHet!


Thanks for posing in the Spotify Community! 


This is an Ongoing Issue that Spotify is investigating, which you can find more information about here. On that page, there will be a status update of the next steps to take and information to provide. Please add your +VOTE, as this will help with the investigation. Additionally, subscribe to the thread by selecting the 3 dots at the top right hand corner.


Sometimes a clean reinstall of the app seemed to resolve the issue.


Hope this will be fixed soon.



Same thing happened to me. I just got an iPhone11, iOS 13.5.1. Updated spotify to Opened Spotify, saw that the last song played was in Liked Songs. Resumed the song after which playback stopped, all Liked Songs gone.

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