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Imported Music Quality

Imported Music Quality

Right, so I've been importing music onto Spotify from my local files for a while now, because a lot of the tracks in Genre I listen to sometimes can't be posted by an artist due to copyright (Remixes and such). I've noticed that these tracks can be very poor in quality, sometimes louder than the songs I have saved, and the bass being too crunchy, melodies and such being very white-noisey (I can't think of another way to describe it). Does anyone know how I can remedy this as it's really beginning to annoy me. TIA



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Hi there @toshy,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


Imported tracks are uploaded with the same name tags and sound quality as they're saved on your private device.


In case of quality assurance or volume issues, i'd recommend using audio softwares to have all your files gained the same (aligns the sound between files) and to make sure you files are high quality files.


In addition, you can also check your app's audio settings under "Music Quality" and to make sure that:

- Streaming quality is set to what you're aiming for

- Normalize volume option is on

- Volume level is set to what you're aiming for


Let me know if you have further questions 🙂

Normalize volume doesn't seem to do a thing though? Even with tracks saved from Spotify's own library, there are still issues with songs sounding quieter or louder

Hi @toshy,


Just to add to my previous reply as it is important for you you know:


The "volume normalization" option doesn't mean that all the songs will play at the exact same volume.

This option sets the volume for every track within a given frequency frame (in order to have the users listening experience balanced as much as possible).


That doesn't affect the actual and initial sound/volume set up for all uploaded of tranks on the Spotify app (which will be different for every different song).


To sum things up, volume normalization will have different songs sound with a more or less equally adjusted volume, but it won't make the songs necesserialy sound at the same volume.


The way a song sounds (on Spotify and on any other platform) depends on the quality of the mixing and mastering processes the song went through prior to being released and uploaded to the platform.


I hope this shed some more light.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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