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Is it possible to import an iTunes library *without* having the local files?

Is it possible to import an iTunes library *without* having the local files?

My wife has an iTunes account with around 5 days worth of music on it, but somewhere along the line she lost all of the files. Now, when she opens iTunes she can see the list of all of her music, but every track has an exclamation point by it to indicate that iTunes can't find the file.


I can export the library as an XML file no problem. Is there any way to import it into Spotify if we don't have access to the original files? I'd be happy to consider any option, including hacking something together with the Spotify API (e.g. parsing through each track name and adding the best guess result to the Spotify library).

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Hi there @jim0203,


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There are currently no official way to transfer your music from iTunes directly to Spotify.


You can follow the guide in this thread for more info on how you can export your playlists from iTunes into files that can be uploaded into Spotify.


You can also search for some third party apps for transferring music between the platforms, but we can't guarantee those will work as advertised.


Hope you find this info helpful. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.



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Thanks for posting this reply. It didn't work for me thought, but I did find a solution in the end. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post paid commercial solutions here, but if I am then I found to do what I want. It's not expensive, either.

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If anything else comes up, we're always one reply away. 


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