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Liked albums don't get added to my 'liked songs' Spotify playlist.

Liked albums don't get added to my 'liked songs' Spotify playlist.


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Samsung galaxy S20 FE, Macbook air 2019, PC etc.

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Running most current software on all devices.


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When I like albums (press the 'save to your library' heart next to the download button), they don't get added to my 'liked songs' default Spotify playlist.

When I like individual songs they get added to the playlist.

Liked songs from albums used to be added to this playlist, but stopped around June 2019.

There are 8,986 songs in the playlist.


I only really like albums instead of individual songs, and as a consequence, the 'liked songs' playlist hasn't been updated for a while.

It would be good to know if there's a solution to this without having to manually readd every song from every album since 2019 to my liked songs playlist as this would be very tedious.


Many thanks,


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Hi there @rmage3,


Thanks for reaching out. At Spotify, we're often testing new features and improvements, that's why you may have something in the app that other users don't or vice versa, or have a feature to try temporarily. In this case, we suggest to keep the app always updated so you don't miss out on any new features and improvements.


For the time being, the best way to like all songs in an album is to highlight all songs using Ctrl+A or by Ctrl+clicking multiple tracks, then right clicking and selecting "Save to your Liked Songs". For the time being, this only possible on the desktop app.


If you need a hand with anything else, the Community is here for you.


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this is still a problem a year later just so you know.

tbh, this is a feature - for years I was endlessly frustrated by a "Liked Album" assuming that I want to add every song within the album to my "Liked Songs" playlist. that was my biggest gripe with spotify. Many albums have at least one absolutely trash song (loving the beatles doesn't mean you ever want to shuffle your "Favorite Songs Playlist" and land on Revolution 9)... or even just songs that are fine, but don't resonate with me enough to add to my personal collection of Liked Songs


I reserve Liked Songs to those individual pieces that have moved me, and that I would recommend to others. I save albums because I like them as a piece of work, not because every ingredient is perfect, and I also save albums that I want to listen to in the future or were recommended (in which case, I have no idea if I like those songs or not).


I think having it so you can manually add songs that you like (even if it's the whole album) to your liked songs playlist is a great compromise, so both sides can have it their way. But before, it didn't give you a choice, and I am still cleaning mediocre songs from my Liked Songs playlist daily because of this, and skipping almost 50% of songs on shuffle because it's one of a 40 songs in a live album i saved back in 2016. #2cents

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