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Liked songs disappeared from playlist

Liked songs disappeared from playlist






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On my “Liked Songs” playlist, most of the songs I’ve added since November 2022 are not showing up. I’ve tried turning my data on and off, turning my phone on and off, closing and re-opening Spotify, and updating with no fix. It’s dozens of songs just removed from my library that were there earlier today. I didn’t delete any of them; they’ve just disappeared. What am I supposed to do? 

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Hey there @JaneaHuber


Thanks for getting in touch about this and welcome to the Community. 


Just to confirm, are you able to see those songs on a different device? 


If you can find them on a different device, you might be logged in to a different account on your phone. In this case, make sure to log out and then log back in using the correct info. You can check if you have more than one account on Spotify by following the steps here


If you can't see them there, it's worth taking a look at this FAQ and following the steps you can find there. This will ensure that your account is secure in case someone else has gained access to it. 


Let us know how it goes. 

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I'm not sure if it may only be my account but, I'm having ongoing issues where songs that I have liked and so added to my liked songs playlist keep disappearing. I don't mean they disappear off the app, but they disappear off my liked songs. occasionally ill be looking for a specific song in my liked song playlist and I wont be able to find it even though I know I had originally added it. then when I search it up in the normal search bar, I can find it and it says its downloaded but the song removed itself from my liked songs. I hope this issue of mine can be fixed as its a huge annoyance when listening to my music. 

I'm having similar issues.  I can see my entire Liked Songs list on mt desktop PC, but the list on my Android phone (and my Tesla) shows just a few songs.  I've changed my password and logged out my phone.  Logged in again using the new password but haven't had the full list restored.

My phone advises that Spotify is set to "offline mode" even though that option isn't selected in the settings menu.

Your advice would be appreciated.




Hi @dougjbain,


Thanks for the reply. If you haven't already, please perform a clean reinstall on your phone and Tesla, this should help resolve any sync issues that may be causing this. If the songs appear normally on other devices, then there is some device-related issue that is preventing them from being shown properly.


Hope this helps.

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