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Links broken to my own playlists

Links broken to my own playlists






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Hello! I have been keeping links to a few huge playlists I have made each year because they hold everything I have discovered each the year. I am very sad though because even though I have the links and they are my own playlists, I am given the message "This playlist isn't available. The owner of this playlist has made it private or removed it from Spotify" every time I open the links. I am disheartened because I was never informed that once a playlist was deleted, they were deleted from the system completely and it would make the links obsolete. Up until this point, the links still remained working so is there any way I can retrieve them? I feel like I should be able to since they were my playlists. Thank you so much!

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It may just be that the playlist was made private. Here's how to make it public.

1: Log into the account that holds the playlist (use the forgot password button to try and recover your account if lost).
2: Go to the playlist in question.

3: Click on the three dots (a.k.a. options) and tap on "Make public" (if this button says "Make private", tap it and then do this step).
4: Go back to the options after making the playlist 'public' and tap on "Add to profile".
5: Copy the link and test it not signed in or on a different account. 

If you think the playlist is deleted, then you can try to recover it from the account settings using this link (

Hopefully you're able to solve your issue!

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