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Listening History is not working

Listening History is not working






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Listening history has not worked since woke up this morning, tried clearing cache, redownloading app, logging out and logging in and nothing changes, please help

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This has also been my problem for the past six hours. I've been streaming via Stationhead and even if my spotify clearly says 'Playing on Stationhead' and shows each song that is playing, none of them appear on my Listening History.

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@atwiemels, would you mind sending us more details about exactly what is happening on your side? Include as many details as possible as well as the make/model and OS of the affected device along with the Spotify version you're running there.


It'd be awesome if you could include some relevant screenshots of the behavior mentioned. Be aware this is a public space, so please don't share any personal info in the screenshot you'll send us.


@Leeeeeaf, in this case, have you tried some troubleshooting steps? If yes, let us know so we can avoid repeating any steps. We'd suggest you perform a clean reinstall of the app on the affected device with which you are streaming to Stationhead. By doing that, the app can be up-to-date, and you can make sure the cache is not leading to this inconvenience. You can see the steps for a clean reinstall here.


Please send us the make/model and OS of the affected device along with the Spotify version you're running there. Just to confirm, does this happen when using Spotify directly? If not, note that you can try streaming music from two apps simultaneously on a computer, but that won't most likely produce the best results.


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Hello Mod. I tried letting it run overnight instead of deleting and reinstalling the app first, and somewhere along the way it started logging my Listening History again. It didn't record or recover the eight to ten-ish previous hours though. So I'm not sure what happened, but so far it's working again up until now.

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