Local Files Not Syncing


Local Files Not Syncing







iPhone 11 Pro

Operating System

Windows 10 Home


My Question or Issue

Hello--I was trying to add new Local Files to my Spotify but they are not syncing across my devices. I have added songs from the same album in the past to my playlists and there has been no problem syncing. However, there seems to be a problem now and I can't tell what the issue is, but it doesn't seem to be the song itself.


I can add the song and play it on my computer, however, it never shows up in the app on my phone. Further, if I'm playing music on my phone and try to play one of these songs by controlling from the computer, I get a message saying "Song Not Downloaded | If you own the song, you can sync it from your computer."


I have attached a few files.

1. View of the Desktop application - here you can see two songs at the bottom of the playlist: 'Good Friday' and 'The Joy'. The former was synced to my iPhone a long time ago; in this session, I'm trying to sync the latter.

2. View of the application on my iPhone - at the bottom of the playlist, you can see that only 'Good Friday' has synced. This plays, etc. 'The Joy' has not even appeared in the app.

3. View of the error message when I try to control the playback from my desktop app


Since these files were downloaded together (came from the same .zip file), it seems unlikely that this has anything to do with the .mp3 itself (and I've tried other files as well).


Thank you for your help!


Spotify - Desktop.jpg