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Local files not playable across platforms

Local files not playable across platforms






Laptop + Samsung S20FE

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Windows 10 + Android


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Hi, Up until a couple of weeks ago, Local files on my laptop, which I put in playlist were also playable on my phone. However, since yesterday I noticed that these songs are no longer playable on my phone. When using the Desktop version, they can still be played.



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Hey @Flamebold,


Thanks for reaching out!

Local Files are only available on the device they're physically present on. 
They will not sync across devices as they are not getting uploaded anywhere.


In order for you to have them on your phone as well, I would advise copying the already present files from your PC to your mobile device 🙂

Let us know should any questions arise. Cheers!


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I have a few downloaded files on my Mac that I want to play on both desktop and mobile Spotify. I successfully synced all of them except for 1 between devices after toggling on and off local files, creating a playlist, and downloading on both devices. I've even made sure the files are on both devices in Apple Music. At first it was 2 songs that didn't play right, and now it's just one. Basically if I click it in "Local Files" on one device, then try to switch it to play on my phone, it says it isn't downloaded, and vice versa, even though files right next to it work perfectly fine. I have the most updated versions of Spotify on both my iPhone and my Mac.

Hey, i had the same problem:


I tried checking on my local files on my phone and noticed that the songs from my laptop were all downloaded multiple times. Deleted them and restarted the app, now it seem to work again. 

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