Local files not syncing

Local files not syncing







iOS over multiple devices and multiple OS versions

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Right, getting to the point of frustration where im almost ready to move back to Apple Music to fix this issues that has been on and off for years now
Why is it that i cannot sync music to my device after multiple attempts 
It should be as easy as having both pc and phone logged into the same account and having the playlist download to the phone

I repeatedly attempted to trouble shoot with others solving the issue but nothing for me works

My device is on the same wifi as my pc, ive tried disabling my firewall

Ive tried uninstalling Spotify from both PC and device

Ive tried relocating my music folders and trying new playlists

Spotify you need to fix this problem that shows up every time i try to sync my music

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Hey @YamiSpyro,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


Not long ago there was a change in how the Local Files are being handled by the app. There is no syncing between devices anymore, but you can still play the Local Files if they're already on the playback device.


You can find out how to do that on this page


Hope this clears things a bit,



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