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Mac desktop app unusable (100% processor use, 120gb memory use?)

Mac desktop app unusable (100% processor use, 120gb memory use?)

Hi Spotify,


I would say my account is not new and I have a lot of data on it:

- following 1000+ (it doesn't show more after 1k)

- 5k songs liked

- I liked a lot of playlists, estimating them around 500


Spotify desktop for mac has become so slow I can't use it anymore (I'm currently using the web version):

  •  memory issue (this is crazy as I only have 16GB RAM):

Screenshot 2021-11-05 at 22.48.13.png


  •  processor issue:

 Screenshot 2021-11-03 at 09.03.17.png


By the way, these issues are constant as soon as Spotify is opened, not temporary.


I have the same problem on iPhone, it has been very slow for a long time (6+ months) even though I would use high-speed broadband, but now it's been getting slower and slower, it even makes my phone crash / freeze / lag when I switch app...


It obviously has something to do with all the data I have on my account, I guess I have reached some threshold and I really hope you are going to fix this soon.


Let me know if I can help providing my account ID or anything else, because this looks like a big issue.






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Hi @_stephane,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


It is expected that the app might load slower in your library contains thosands of items. You can try splitting your Liked songs into several playlists.


Regarding the general slowness on your iphone - check out this Ongoing Issue thread. This is being looked at by the right folks at Spotify, but we don't have official info on when exactly it will be fixed.


When it comes to Desktop, try running a clean reinstall of the app, followin this Guide. Also, try enabling/ disabling Hardware Acceleration from the app Settings.


The issue with the memory usage is most likely related to the app itself, rather than your account.


Keep us posted on how you get on with this.



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