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Messy new MY LIBARY page

Messy new MY LIBARY page






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Some days ago a new update of spotify came out and it is really messy. I’ve used some time to organize songs in different playlists were they fit best, and put the playlist i hear most on, at the top, and so on. I also really liked the tab were you could easily switch between music and podcast. Then a new update rolls out and i feel that my system is gone. Now i have to either search for my playlist or scroll for ages to find it. This new interface is not a big and easy to use interface, from my own programmer perspective. Of the 4 «sort by» functions, i find none of them useful. If i needed to say one i could mabye use, i would say «recently played». Please roll back to the previous version, good try, but this was bad.

If spotify doesn’t make it easier to use, and make a playlist structure where you can choose the placement of your playlist. Or just roll back. I will definently search for other music apps with better playlist structure.

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Hey there @jonastos,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community and welcome.


We're sorry to hear that your experience hasn't been as expected. No worries, we're happy to help. We're constantly running tests to improve the overall experience of the app. You can learn more about the new Your Library and leave your feedback in this thread. The right folks are constantly monitoring it and gathering the feedback shared there to keep improving.


In the upcoming updates, you should be able to organize your playlists in the order of your choice by tapping on the playlists filter > tapping on the sort options > Custom order.


In the meantime, we recommend keeping the app updated so you don't miss out on any improvements and new features.


We hope this helps. If you have any questions or need anything else, we're always a post away.



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Hi Carlos E, im glad to hear that spotify will come out with a custom playlist order tab. I will investigate the thread. 

Cheers mate!

Hey @jonastos,


Thanks for your reply.


Remember that you can add your feedback and suggestions in that thread as well. You can also Subscribe to it to be on top of any new updates shared there.


For anything else you need, we'll be right here.


Have a good one 🙂

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