Miss my weekly mix


Miss my weekly mix


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Hi guys,

Last week I had an awesome weekly mix. Since yesterday I miss the playlist with exact those songst. Instead there´s another weekly playlist. Is there an opportunity to get the old weekly mix back? I saved it but it changed...


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Hey, hope you're doing well. Unfortunately there is no way to get those back. Weekly mix gets updated at Spotify's end, and hence you see different tracks on the list every week, according to your listening activity. This does not imply that those songs won't come around in the future. Spotify has complex coding wherein the songs in a playlist repeat themselves over a couple of weeks, so you could find them back. So, there's not much to worry here, I'm sure they'll come back around sooner or later. I hope I could solve your issue. If I could, I'd be glad if you could mark this as a solution. 

If there's anything else you'd like me to help with, please feel free to text back.

Thanks and cheers!

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