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No longer able to view songs listed by artist

No longer able to view songs listed by artist

Yesterday I went to turn on some music, and went to "My Library" and "Artists", only to find 5 artists out of an approximate 50 that I have saved. What happened? I can't imagine this is an update, as sorting music by artist has to be the most common default for a vast majority of people.


Assuming something was wrong with my phone, yesterday and today I've been listening by saved album, but just realized that it's only listing FULL albums I've saved. If I've saved a single song from an album, it's not listed.


I can view all (I think) of my "liked songs", but this is more or less useless if I'm just looking to play through my saved songs from a certain artist.


This HAS to be a bug, right? Spotify can't possibly be stupid enough to not allow users to sort saved music by artist. I've been a paid user for a number of years now, and if this is some sort of "update", I'll be cancelling my account shortly. Please someone tell me there's a fix for this "bug". Spotify has been far and away the best streaming service I've used, but this would be an absolute deal breaker.







(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

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