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Import your music - feature does not work

Import your music - feature does not work






Samsung Galaxy S10

Operating System

Android v10


My Question:

I've asked this before and gotten no answers. I also cannot find the answer anywhere online. Basically, in the app (on your mobile) there's a feature labelled, 'import your music' and it states, 'add your own music from this device'. This feature does not seem to work. If you add your own files it simply pretends that is has, and you'll never find them again. All I can find online is that you need to do this on a desktop and add the songs to a playlist in order to see it on your mobile??? That makes no sense as the feature is already in the mobile app. 

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Hi there @ArmourDyldo,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


At the moment adding your files to the Spotify app using the "Local Files" feature is only available through the Desktop app (all info here).


I can assure you that Spotify are always testing and improving the app throughout time to make sure it has all the functions needed and suggested.


Furthermore, i was able to find this idea regarding what you've raised.

You can read user comments and Spotify official answer here.


Hope this shed some light.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

Hey I appreciate your response!

That's really dumb that it is still only desktop, despite the feature being present in the app.

I think someone ought to fix that! I mean it's 2020 and we still can't add our own music 😂

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