How to unblock a song you don't intend to block at all?

How to unblock a song you don't intend to block at all?







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I was listening to a randomly played song, and accidentally press the block button before I could glimpse the song's name or decide I like it or not, and I don't see any undo button, and I can't open my play history or return to previous song either. (I wonder why, feels like a bug)


Now all similar question's solution is: find the exact song and press like to get it back.


But there's no way I could do that.


Why I can't just have a blocked song list I can manage with?


I couldn't count how many times I pressed the stupid button and it shows no confirmation pop-up or undo button and there's no way I can fix this without knowing the song's name.


I rely on Spotify algorithm to decide the next song for me a lot, I haven't manually put up a playlist for quite some time, but how could you be accurate if you don't let people fix what they are not intend to block at all?


That button is too easy to press by accident 'cause it's everywhere, the playing bar, the notification bar, the driving mode, I won't say remove the feature, but please please please make a list management so we could fix any accident.


Sorry for the emotion, but I ran into this too may times, and again I googled this issue for like an hour and found nothing worked, this is so frustrated.

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Hi there @lessmind

thanks for reaching out !


You can check out this help page which holds all info needed on hidden songs.


Furthermore, you can read more about the "Ideas" section of the community and learn how to post your idea following these steps.

This way, user around the community would be able to add their +VOTE and comment to promote it.


Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have further questions 🙂

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