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Only playing first song of an album on Discography View


Only playing first song of an album on Discography View




United Kingdom


Windows PC - Desktop App

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Windows 10


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Ongoing issue with specifically Discography View. When viewing in this method, the app will only play the first song on each album. Any other songs following it on the same album/ep will not play, and instead display the generic "Spotify can't play this right now. If you have the file on your computer you can import it" message. If I go into the album itself, it plays all of the songs. However by doing this I then start at the top of the discography and have to go all the way back down to play individual songs.


I've tried to find this on the Forum, but can't find any threads with the same issue.

1) Cache Cleared. No difference.

2) Clean install completed. No difference.

3) Hardware Acceleration Activated/Deactivated. No difference.

4) Autoplay Activated/Deactivated. No difference.

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Hey I think not every artist has this same Discopraphy problem. Like @Emnos is saying above it worked for a day...

I found out that suddenly mine was working too...but then I went to another artist and I had the problem again.But I went back to the artist where I didn't had the problem and I tried many times..And with this artist i can still play the discography individualy. Emnos can you go back to the artists when you thought is was fixed?


Maybe the ones who have this similar problem can try the Discography of this artist: Amaro. (the red/pink coloured profile pic one with the spanish song Exotica)

This one artist i can  play songs individualy in Discography but other artists I try before and after I can't. It seems to be artist related?? 


Maybe hopefully the Spotify team can see a difference between them now? 





Hey Hey,


I use windows 10, updated Spotify Desktop app with Premium account, on my laptop.

Spotify can't play" issue started around the update from 12 december (just after the hearts/plus swap updates, after 5 december, before 24 January).



I think it's a 'Your Library' issue. Something with this 'location' of the files. Moving the songs/files to "Your Library" somehow breaks the Discography section.


How can I attach a video here smaller than 5MB? 


Somehow, when coming/re-directed from an artist out of one of my playlists in my Library, the connection with the artist's Discography gets partially broken...Exact same experience as the other people in this thread.

But when I type the name of the same artist in the Searchfield/Search Bar and go directly from there to their Discography, everything works normal!


Please try it.. Am I the only one experiencing this? This can also be an explanaition that it seems not everybody is experiencing this issue. It seems it depends on 'how' we use Spotify...


I don't have the "can't play" issue when I'm tapping artists names from my Release and Discovery Playlists etc...and then go to their Discography. The issue occurs only when I'm coming from/via "Your Library"... it gives the broken Discography issue.

The Discography section works perfect coming from everywhere, except when I move a song from the same artist in Your Library, then it breaks the files of the songs connected in Albums/EPs in the Discography section.


Maybe the users who are here can check and try if it works for them typing the name of an artist in the Searchfield/Search Bar...


Write the artists name in the Search Field and go to the Discography section and test if it works.



Working: type Bob Marley in the Searchfield, tap a song and go to his Discography section via his name under the song. Everything will work normal. In my case.

Not working: Place/move exact the same Bob Marley song in your (playlist) Library, and then go from there tapping the artists name under that song and go to his Discography. In my case the " Spotify can't play" issue occurs. Exact same song/file, only the location differs.


Example 2:

The artist Amaro was in my Release playlist. Tapping his name from there didn't trigger any issues... Discography worked well.

But when I moved the same song from my Release Playlist in to my Playlist in my Library. Then go to the exact same artist Discography from there, the link to songs in Albums/Ep's is broken and not working anymore.



Discography issue seems to be a Library issue/related. Or is it only me experiencing this?


Another thing I experience over the last 1,5 month/2 months I want to share, and I'm almost sure that this is also connected to this "Spotify can't play" issue...

*After I get the "Spotify can't play this" issue a few times my session gets severe slowdowns. Playing/tapping songs take around a second to start playing when I select them individualy.



Sorry I posted two messages by mistake, but this one is updated. And sorry for my bed english..i'm tired.. 😉 Dreaming about the liked Hearts coming back...


Good luck! hope you can fix these issues.





I really tried all the possible tips that were written here (admin, sound card, cache, settings, etc.), but it didn't help. For me it's also the case that it only doesn't work on one device, but on all the others without any problems.

For me, only the following three workarounds work, but they are not necessarily the solution.


First: I have to log in to the app and the browser at the same time, then I can start the "blocked" titles in the browser, which are then played automatically in the app and can also be controlled there. As I said, not really a solution.


Second: Save the titles in favorite songs or in your own playlist, then you can either play them immediately or from your own playlist.


Thirdly (the tip is already here): It helps, at least for me, if I click directly on the title or album in the list and then go to exactly that album with the song. The tracks can only be played in this original album/single/EP by the artist. So you have to be in this one album directly, then the tracks will be played.


This is the only way I can at least avoid this problem.


Note: By the way, this doesn't affect every artist and not every discography. So the problem doesn't occur all the time and everywhere. Additionally, the first entry in the discography is never affected. In general, the problem occurs with older entries (i.e. further down in the list).


(Sorry for any language errors, it's just my translation from German.)


Spotify für Windows (64 Bit)


Edition Windows 11 Home
Version 23H2
Installiert am ‎18.‎01.‎2024
Betriebssystembuild 22631.3155
Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22684.1000.0


Spotify for Windows (64 bit)


running on freshly installed


Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 22H2
Installed on ‎21.‎01.‎2024
OS build 19045.4046
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19053.1000.0


Hope that helps...

I found a solution which worked for me, it's quite stupid, but instead of clicking twice on the song you want to listen to, you have to use the skip button which is on the player (the button on the right side of the play button) and the song will play normally.


OBS: Always play the first song of the album, and from the first on, start using the skip button (never click twice on another song of the album but the first)

My experience with the issue aligns with @estres's video and description.


My windows version is:

Edition Windows 11 Pro
Version 22H2
Installed on ‎12/‎1/‎2022
OS build 22621.3155
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22684.1000.0


My Spotify version is:

Spotify for Windows (64 bit)

Having the exact same issue on my MacBook Air M2.  Spotify version: Spotify for macOS (Apple Silicon)

Started happening about a month ago.  Super annoying.

i cant play anything in my spotify

I've experienced this same problem for about 1 week. Using the Spotify app on Ubuntu (Linux) 22.04.4 LTS, Spotify version:


While in Discography view for an artist, only the first song is playable via direct-click of the songs play button in the listing.

When attempting to play the other songs, I see the same vague error message other posts have described.

To play those songs, while in Discography view, first play the first song, then while it's playing, click the next track icon in the player controls.


This does seem to be a problem specifically in Discography view.


As a test, try opening any album in full Album view. Now you'll see that all of the previously unplayable tracks (in Discography view) are now playable via direct-click in the listing (Album view).


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Hey folks,


A new version of Spotify (1.2.32) should be out now. Could you update the app to see if everything looks good on your end?



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I'm dissapointed. I can still not find the Hearted likes...


I'm joking...Can't find the "accept as solution" button, otherwise I would have clicked it... 

Thank you Yordan. Saved me with this one...It seems to be working for me!


Hey, I look forward to trying it out!

I don't see Spotify 1.2.32 anywhere for Linux. Do we have to wait much longer? It's been 1.5 months.

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