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Playlist Radio is being removed from the context menu

Playlist Radio is being removed from the context menu

In March 2023, we're removing the Playlist Radio option from the playlist context menu. We'd like to hear your thoughts and feedback about this change in the comments.


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Are we removing the whole radio feature?

No, we are only removing Playlist Radio. Track/artist and album radios will still be available.


Do we have features where users can have a similar experience?

Yes, right now we have the enhance button or the recently rolled out smart shuffle to give recommendations based on user-created playlists.

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“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”– Maria von Trapp
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Bring this feature back you fools. 

Bring this feature back! This was the only reason for me to pay for Spotify premium. If you remove this feature, there's no way for me to discover new music based on my interests, which renders the whole reason for me to pay for Spotify. Bring this feature back!

Pointless change. Please bring back playlist radio!

This also is why I turn off auto update 

Wait what the **bleep**!?  This was THE primary feature that I used in Spotify.  My life's mission is to constantly find new music and this was the best tool available ANYWHERE to successfully find new music.  Song radio is too narrow.  Artist or Album radio is still too narrow.  And "Discover Weekly" and other Spotify generated playlists were either too broad or too repetitive.  I know some people want to hear the same 100 songs from high school for the rest of their lives, but that is *not* me!


Playlist radio was the absolute best tool to take my current "pulse" on music and spit out exactly the type (and variety) of tracks that I was looking for at any given moment.  


No joke, more than half of my tens of thousands of hours using Spotify have been spent in a Playlist Radio.  WHAT. THE. F*CK.  I am so mad right now.  Feeling betrayed.  I am one of your longest and most active subscribers (since 2010, maybe earlier, that's over $1,500 I've spent with you, hundreds of playlists). 


You can't be doing this to me...

This is a terrible idea!! It's such an integral feature for finding relevant new music - it really enhances the playlists I've made, big returns, this really must be reconsidered. I'd go as far as to say it's one of the best, most intuitive features about spotify for me, particularly given that 'discover weekly' is so poor. Not sure if it's worth keeping the subscription without this feature. Bring it back.

Hate that this feature was taken away. Used to love using this for discovering new songs off an evolving taste playlist that would create with my wife and with friends. Bring it back! 

I personally am really, really bummed that you are getting rid of this feature. This has been, by far, my FAVORITE way to find new music to add to my playlists, and I've had Spotify for years. I really hope you guys put it back, because once I discovered those feature, it immediately became my favorite method for finding new music that's actually similar to what I want to listen to in that playlist 😕

This was one of my favorite features in Spotify and it worked much better than Smart Shuffle now. I honestly don't understand why removing a feature like this is considered an improvement.

I like the idea of just creating a playlist with a certain vibe and then having the playlist radio play it forever. I found so many new songs this way. 

Made me really sad to see this post, because I thought it was just a bug on my end 😞 Please bring it back. For me, it was one of Spotify's USPs.  

Please add it back!

that's dumb, bring it back! i use it on a daily basis, you can't simply make a feature available for years, let people get used to it (i have some playlists tha have specific artists that create specific radios when you listen to them) and then just remove it. terrible. 

Bad decision, bring it back or you lose users, simple.

why would you even remove something that was a cool feature. Listen to your users not your promoters.

Change it back

Song, album och artist radio can not replace playlist radio. This was the most successful way for me to find new music that had things in common that I had chosen.


Please bring the feature back

PLEASE stop being short sighted and bring it back. You have made a grave mistake and you NEED to fix it before there are dire consequences, for example, not being able to discover new music in an effective manner. Song, artist and album radio are garbage, I can just use the similar artists tab. Smart shuffle does nothing. "Enhance" degrades my playlists.

Fix your music streaming platform to be the accessible platform I lovED so I don't need to tell you how pointless your change was and call you out for terrible business practice

I recently switched to iphone and didn’t switch to Apple Music due to certain features Spotify offered. Playlist Radio was a pretty major one. Don’t know what will happen now.

This is so DISRESPECTFUL to everyone who put their trust in your services. I seriously can't believe you're daft enough to pull this **bleep** twice. Literally at least give a GOOD REASON rather than say "Screw you, now bend over while I fist another dozen bucks out of there"


IF IT AIN'T BROKEN DON'T FIX IT. So fix your support website to link replies, edit comments, and let you know this was a terrible idea and a month later it should've been undone by now


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