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Please Add a Separate Section For Podcasts

Please Add a Separate Section For Podcasts

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I really miss the way spotify was set up over a year ago. I was happy with the approaches that the app took to helping me find new music and listen to my favorites while keeping track of new stuff I was listening to (i.e. extensive and organized/ customizable recently played section). Many of those ease of access features have been removed and now the focus seems to be towards podcasts. I rarely listen to podcasts. I don't look for new podcasts or tap on one based off of it's name or if it's presented to me. The shift towards podcasts has been aggressive, especially recently. I would love if podcasts had their own section within the app instead. A Music Tab and a Podcast Tab would be fantastic. Or at least let me opt out of podcast recommendations on my home screen. Over a quarter of the recommendation's are podcasts which to me is a waste of space. I wish I could customize my home screen or opt out of podcasts altogether. 


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