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Podcasts are not available in Moldova

Podcasts are not available in Moldova



I am using Spotify Premium Duo from the Republic of Moldova and the podcast section is not available in my country. 


I reached the Spotify support team and they told me that this might be because of my location. Well, this is not an acceptable answer because as a premium user I want to be able to have access to Podcasts as any other user from the entire world. 


Does anyone know if Spotify tries to introduce Podcasts in the Republic of Moldova?


Thank you.

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I am interested as well.
Not Duo, but regular Premium account.

Hi folks.


Thank you for posting on the Community and sorry for the late reply, we've just come across this thread.


Certainly podcasts are not available in Moldova at the moment, we're afraid we're not able to give you any timeline for when they'll be launched. 


However, you can submit an idea requesting it. In this article you can find the steps to submit it. We always take new ideas and feedback into consideration to improve the app. Here you can read more on how ideas work.


@echileana We're not able to see which country you're writing from, please let us know so we can check the availability. 


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Still not available. Any updates on this? I cancelled my Premium subscription just because of podcasts. I'd resubscribe id they were available. 

I just don't understand how can you sell premium subscription without warning customers that the will not receive what the product they paid for? We have to submit request? That's weird, why should we do this if you already sell your product in our country, but not the full product, because why?

I absolutely agree with prev user because i don't understand  why  I can't  fully use the product I paid for. Why was there no warning about this anywhere?

hi all! 
actually that’s why I decided not to pay for subscription because I can’t listen to podcasts 😞

It has been more than two years since this topic was opened... Is there anyone from Spotify who can solve this and get us Podcasts available in the app in Moldova?

Please update us here! More than 2 years have passed. Nobody is listening to us!

It would be nice to at least have the reason why podcasts are not available. Something tells me it's just "no one has thought about it" 🙂


year 2024, in Moldova we still do not have podcasts available

Same Problem. Moldova user. Premium Duo. 

What the heck Spotify? Can we have an explanation at least?

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