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Podcasts not working in Ukraine

Podcasts not working in Ukraine






Spotify just launched in Ukraine (literally yesterday), but we don't have podcasts. Like at all. On all platforms - win, android and web-player.
Can it be fixed?


21 Replies

I have also blank "New albums and singles"  page. There's only best new playlist.

Yes! That`s too.

I dropped a message to Spotify support and had a little conversation. They answered: 'it is common to launch in markets without offering the full Spotify product range' and 'we are working to get our podcast offering up and running for your particular region as soon as we are able'.
So, we'll be waiting for podcasts for the same time we'd been waiting for the launching in Ukraine before.

Thank you!

The funny part is that we only get a cop-out like "there is some imagine regional restrictions" but there are no concrete dates, plans, and so on.
The worst thing is that Spotify bought JRE podcast and it's not available anywhere else but here. And so, there is no ability to watch/listen to it even with a paid subscription.
This is discrimination! Taking to account that, e.g. russian subscription costs less but gives you all features exept some regional content, Ukranian one does not give you even a chance to have the whole feature working.

Why this is marked as Solved? It is not solved at all, you are not able to watch what you have payed for!

Solved - because the post was written when the Spotify was just launched. But now more than six months have passed, and we still have no podcasts (((

So now Spotify is hijacking podcasts that ware available on other platforms and locks them from watching. Spotify you suck!

No available podcasts yet !!!

Common, Spotify we need podcasts! Is it some sort of discrimination that other Eastern European countries do have podcasts and Ukrainian version doesn´t ?! And yet we have to pay more as it was mentioned here earlier. So, what is the real reason?

It's 2022 and we still don't have podcasts. Why?

There are still no podcasts in Ukraine! Why do they exist in Russia, but not in Ukraine? This is ethnic discrimination!?

They are waiting for Brandon selling Ukraine to Russia. Spoilfy just don't want to pay for regional transfer.

Almost two years since launch and still no changes! 

It's time to drop some podcasts in the Ukraine region!)

During the war, people need to have all possible information resources. Podcasts are one of them. It's time to turn on podcasts!

Spotify, please bring podcasts to Ukrainian listeners. It's already 2 years passed. 

Is there any plans to make podcasts available in Ukraine? I've been using Russian account for year, now you have left Russia, so I must have changed my country to Ukraine(where I live). First of all it's an Europe price for premium in dollars, whereas in Russian it was in rubles and much cheaper, yet after that we have some limitations including podcasts. Please, make something with this, we need podcasts

Spotify, we all are really waiting on podcasts available in Ukraine. At least please reply with some reasonable answer why you cannot do this. 

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