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Previously saved content appears duplicated on the Artist's page... also you ruined Liked Songs???

Previously saved content appears duplicated on the Artist's page... also you ruined Liked Songs???






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I save lots of albums to my Library and Like lots of songs. For more than a year now, albums that I've had saved and the songs I've liked from them appear un-saved and un-liked on the Artist's page, as if I've never interacted with them at all. For example... I've had Faye Webster's self-titled album saved for years now, and have liked most of the songs. But today, when I navigated to the album through her Artist page, the album says it isn't saved and the songs are gone from all my playlists, including Liked Songs. This means that I have to go to my Library and remove all of her albums, un-Like all of her songs, then go to her Artist page and save and like everything again.

This isn't new or unique, I've noticed it many times, but at this point I'm ready to throw a rock at Spotify because I'd rather re-make all my playlists once on Apple Music than have to constantly re-add songs to my many playlists. Not to mention sorting through albums and Liked Songs to take out the "old" duplicates! Seems like every time I navigate to an Artist page, even those that I've listened to for years, Spotify says nope! I haven't liked, saved, or listened to any of their music.

Other Spotify threads have said that this happens because the artist re-uploads their songs and albums... THIS IS NOT A SOLUTION. It's the cause. Fix it. Isn't that what tech coders get paid so much money for? This is really annoying to anyone who saves lots of albums and creates their own playlists. Y'all manage to push unwanted podcasts and merch on us and play GIFs instead of showing album art, how bout some effort to make this better? I don't want Spotify to tell me to vote, I want my Library to stay up to date without tedious manual maintenance.

I don't know how other users feel about this, but for me, if it's not fixed by the end of the year I'm making the switch. There are threads about this simple problem from 2 and 3 years ago and nothing's changed.


You've also ruined Liked Songs, which worked just fine with the hearts. Bring that back instead of treating it like user-created playlists, or at least give us an option.

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