Problems with follow artists feature - missing follows

Problems with follow artists feature - missing follows







PC, Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

Operating System

Windows 10 Version 10.0.19041 Build 19041, Android 8.1.0, MIUI Global 11.0.2


My Question or Issue


Could you please solve Spotify follow artists problems:

I follow artists and have many follows: 5561 are shown in PC app - both artists (~5000) and users.

Follows are lost, or not shown on my different devices.



- "Banda Basotti" band is unfollowed.


- I pushed the "Follow" button on "Banda Basotti" band in my Android app.

* Band is marked as "Following"

* and is shown in Artists tab of the music library on my Android app,

* and is shown on the artist page in my PC app,

* but it's not shown in Artists tab of the music library on my PC app (problem 1).


- after a day I can see that "Banda Basotti" is not followed again in my Android app (I haven't made any actions to achieve this, I simply do nothing) (problem 2)

* and it's not shown in Artists tab of the music library both on my Android app and PC app (problem 3),

* but it's still shown as followed on the artist page in my PC app (magic!).


I have many Artists in this strange "partially followed state".


What happens with this following process and synchronization in this case?

What means this "partially followed state" of "Banda Basotti" band for my Library and Recomendations?
I.e. will Spotify act as "Banda Basotti" band is followed by me or will it act as this band isn't followed?

Do I have some workaround to follow the artist in a right way, when it will be shown everywhere as "Followed" infinitely?


I saw some topics on this kind of problems, but they are not really solved:
Not really solved.

Not really solved.


+ Also I see some topics on follow artists limit that can be related, because maybe there is some limit that stops me to have so many follows (>5000):

No answer from Spotify.

Conversation had stopped.

Please help) The situation is strange. I could answer all your clarifying questions. But note that it could take some time for me to answer.


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Hey there @DimaGoodwin!


Thanks for reaching out to us and for the detailed information.


Our teach teams are aware of this and they're working on improving this. 


You can keep an eye on the idea thread that you've already found and here for updates. You can subscribe to the threads via the 3 dot menu to get notified when we post anything new.


Hopefully we'll have this sorted soon. We'll be here if you have any more questions!

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