Putting Windows 10 into sleep mode will clear queue

Putting Windows 10 into sleep mode will clear queue


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I had been following the topic on closing the desktop app would clear the queue and figured the sleep mode issue I was hitting would be fixed there. However, it is clear from all the replies that the problem there is fixed, that no notice was taken to my report of sleep mode also causing the problem, so figure I better post a new one.

When I put my Windows 10 PC into sleep mode, if I don't wake it in around an hour, then when I do, the Queue is empty and I have to start my playlist every time. This happens every morning and is very frustrating. It started on the 14th of December and I was already at the point of looking at other services to replace Spotify with since it got no attention for a full month. Since the other issue is fixed, and not this one, I can only expect it to take at least another month for any attention here, so I guess I will be taking the leap and moving service. Figured I would post anyway since I know I read at least a few other people with this issue.

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Hey there, @kornfan2007

I'm sorry you're having this issue.

Based on reports and my personal experience, this problem is still happening. I believe the queue clearing after closing the application or putting your device to sleep is related. I have had both happen to me within the last few days.


I see you've posted in the Ongoing Issue report for this problem. Be sure to add your vote as well, which will help lead Spotify to prioritize fixing the problem.


I'm not sure what troubleshooting steps to provide.


I don't think I've seen any reports of this happening with the web player, which you could use temporarily until the issue is fixed.

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