Release Radar includes wrong artist with same name as desired artist


Here's an as short as possible version of a previous post in this thread, explaining the behavior of the Release Radar.


  • I receive tracks from artists I don't follow at all in my Release Radar - This is intended and we don't plan on changing this. The Release Radar doesn't only help you keep track of artists you follow, but is meant to allow you to discover new music from others we think you might enjoy. It is also one way for Spotify to help artists get their music noticed.


  • I get music that I don't enjoy at all in my Release Radar - This means our algorithm doesn't know your music taste so well. There can be many reasons behind this, but the rule of thumb to improve the music you receive in the automatically generated playlists for you is to listen to music without a private session, use the like and hide features, have more intentional music listening habits rather than opportunity based and when you discover something new that you enjoy, listen to it proportionally more than other content. Following these guidelines should give you better recommendations in time. It will still not be perfect and it can vary from person to person, but we're constantly improving these as we go.


  • I get tracks from artists that are named exactly the same as ones I follow and enjoy, but it turns out the track is unrelated to that artist and they only have the same name. - This happens if a track initially gets erroneously uploaded to the artist you follow. It can be that the error is already corrected by the time your Release Radar updates, but it already captured the track on its upload. It can happen with featured artists as well. Currently, there's no technical solution in place than can prevent errors like this happening, as we rely on submitted metadata. If you spot an incorrect content, it's best to report it as described here. Make sure your report is clear. If you can't find an artist profile with the same name as the one you follow, it probably hasn't been created yet and is part of the reason the error occurred. Point that out in your report to ensure it can be processed efficiently.

Re: Release Radar includes wrong artist with same name as desired artist

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So, the form for reporting these issues has been closed, apparently Spotify aren't responding to in-app reports, and @Mihail hasn't responded to this thread in over three weeks.


Have Spotify given up on the issue?


So what's the next step, contact the legit artists' management and report these tracks to them?

Re: Release Radar includes wrong artist with same name as desired artist

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I totally agree with MetalRayzor on two important points:


1)  I also listen to metal and punk, so why on Earth am I getting recommendations for Christian-Faith music??? As I wrote in a previous comment, it's like serving a rare steak to a vegan.


2) Like MetalRayzor, I'm concerned that it feels like there's an advertising mechanism at work that is promoting new artists on to listener's RR.  It's not unthinkable, as most companies are always hunting for new revenue streams.  However, since I pay a monthly subscription I expect an ad-free experience.


A recent comment pointed out the absence of the moderator and that the reporting form isn't working.  I believe the moderator wrote that they were taking a short vacation.  As for the form, I've never used it and never will. It's not my job to fix what is clearly a widespread problem Spotify is aware of.  Moreover, it was a Google Doc and I'm always suspicious of those for good reasons.  Why isn't their a a legitimate form with a Spotify URL, like they have for artists?  Or even better, a tool built right into the app itself.  


For a company with billions in assets, this situation is shameful.  Often when a company is only interested in subscriptions and revenue, and not the customer experience, it's because they're pumping their valuation in anticipation of sale or merger. Wireless and cable providers have been known to do this. I wonder if something is brewing behind the scenes.