Remove news source from Your Daily Drive?

Remove news source from Your Daily Drive?


I love the new Your Daily Drive play list but I cannot tolerate Murdoch media, is there a way to permanently remove from my playlist as a news source?

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Hi @vjmorph

Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!

Currently it's not possible to customize Your Daily Drive. 

I'd recommend checking this Live Idea.

If that's something you're interested in, make sure to add your +VOTE there and subscribe to the topic. That way you'll be notified with all the future updates on that case. 

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SPOTIFY:  The “News Source” preferences should NOT be selected by default programming for any user.  Most if not all competitors allows such “News Source” customization. To continue to be the leader in its industry and a TRULY open and free speech/music provider, Spotify should NOT preselect what News sources automatically populate a user’s interface. 

ANY left or right leaning News source should be made easily available to all users, including the ability to customize a user’s News setup. Clearly, your default News choices are of ONE perspective and NOT customizable or at all “balanced,” if any sources are going to be pre-selected. Please make it an open, blank canvas, your users will greatly appreciate it and become even more loyal!
Thanks for your consideration. 



Please update this. Just make a thumbs down UI that notifies our preference. Super easy for you to fix a major ux issue. 

Removing which news source?

Again, ALL functions/features within Spotify including NEWS should be
customizable by the User, never pre-selected, exactly like you do with
MUSIC. IF Spotify Mgmt. chooses to do this, it will be far and away the
BEST and most transparent of all available competitive options.

Thanks for listening!

John Jornlin


I replied on the thread linked by Emilia_8, however I realised it is only for [Mobile] not the web player. Really, the idea should apply to all clients and devices, as it is about the content that a user wants to consume, not the device they are consuming it on.


To repeat what I said on the other thread: I don't want to listen to BBC and NYT anti-Chinese racist fake-news war propaganda, thank you very much.  Actually, I use Spotify to de-stress and escape from real-world BS and would prefer it if the whole Daily News section could be omitted entirely. I'd guess most listeners are in a similar position, they use Spotify for recreation and don't want politics and a particular worldview shoved down their throats, especially a viewpoint that advocates hate under the guise of "news reporting" and "political discourse".


For the time being, for the web player a slightly more technical user can use this uBlock Origin filter (a browser extension that lets you control what content you see) to block Daily News:>.Hgy6HYholBzqtff1fOai.QNIdF86JU_1vh07jXsY2 0 !important)


I've left the section heading in there in case Spotify decides to rearrange the sections. If they move it to e.g. the 3rd section just modify each line to say nth-of-type(3) instead of nth-of-type(2).


To block the whole section including the heading use:


but then if Spotify rearranges the sections so that a different section is number 2, you won't get immediate feedback that you're blocking the wrong thing.


This filter works for the Spotify Web UI as of 2021 November. If you are reading this in the future, you may need to tweak it; there are other guides for uBlock Origin elsewhere online.


The same horrible BuzzFeed Daily Pop Culture Quiz keeps appearing on my Daily Drive list and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it off. I tried marking the one podcast I started (which is how I found out it’s horrible) as unplayed, but it keeps coming back.


Unfortunately they seem to take unplayed as “I just want you to play this again and again until I hear all of it.” 
They need to at least pick the topics for the news shows. I don’t need finance as I don’t use any financial planning stuff. I also don’t need a 60 minute podcast on things I don’t listen to. Give me the headlines and get me back to the music. If I wanted to listen to that entire podcast I would go look it up!


Seriously they need to give us the ability to delete a podcast from appearing on daily drive, you can’t even skip them properly.



Not having a means to do this is super stupid. I get this stupid TBOY, the best one yet show in my Daily Drive every single day and there is no way to stop hearing it. The worst part is that its a preview of a longer show so you get a clip of it, and half the clip is their stupid theme song. I wouldn't mind it so much if it was the entire show but the fact that I'm forced to listen to an add for the topics of the show that day and then the stupid theme song daily is super annoying. Please add a way for me to indicate that I don't like this show. 


YESSSSSSSSS So i'm not the only one being driven crazy by their awful, nails on a chalkboard voices?! It's no wonder that their podcast no longer exist except on our daily drive playlist. It's like Groundhog Day. For the love of God Spotify, please make BuzzFeed stop!!!



As a listener whos family pays for this service, I would very much prefer if spotify had a "political view" setting or some way of controlling what podcasts enter the daily drive playlist. Seeing that there is no possible way of changing out what i want to listen to in terms of media screams the fact that Spotify has a bias. I dont even like the regular news programing. Most of the time, I want to listen to short stories or comedy stuff. I am genuinely disapointed 😞


Wasn't there a Gear Icon before that let you remove some of the sources from coming up? Where did that go? 



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