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Same artist keeps appearing on Release Radar even after pressing the I don't like (artist) button.

Same artist keeps appearing on Release Radar even after pressing the I don't like (artist) button.

Every week, I'm always excited to listen to new songs from my favorite artists on my Release Radar, but there's always this one artist that I don't really like. I would press the I don't like (artist) button, but they always appear the week after. Spotify would tell me that they will stop putting that artist on my Release Radar, but the artist still would appear on next week's Radar. Is this a bug? or was it never working properly in the first place?

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Hey there @Alexioem,


Thanks for reaching out about this.


We're sorry to hear that you've been receiving recommendations you didn't enjoy in the Release Radar playlist. We can confirm the Hide this song feature blocks a certain track from the specific playlist on the current device. The way that Release Radar is set up is that it gets renewed every Friday and counts as a new playlist. Because of this, the songs that you had hidden in the last week might still appear in the new one.


We also suggest taking a look at this article for tips on how to improve your Made for You playlists.


On another note, take into account that the Don't play this feature only prevents the songs by the blocked artist from being played. They might still show up on playlists and even in your recommendations, but the songs should be skipped. Currently, there's no way to visually "hide" the songs by the artist.


In this case, could you let us know if the songs from the blocked artists are playable or if they are skipped in your Release Radar playlist?


We'll be on the lookout.

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I would have to block the specific song by the artist every week in order for Spotify to skip over the song when it gets to that song. On the web browser version of Spotify, it still plays the songs despite me already blocking it.

Hey @Alexioem,

Thanks for your reply.

Indeed disliking a specific song has a greater effect for the future generation of your Release Radar playlist. Depending on your active listening behavior, changes in your personalized suggestions might become noticeable in one to three weeks time. Keep in mind that the blocking of an artist doesn't exclude it from being able to appear in curations of the Release Radar, as @Eni pointed earlier. However, their songs in that list should become rarely suggested with time passing by and also they should be skipped (not played) for you if the correct settings are on. 


We're not sure if the web-player has the exact same blocking functionalities integrated like the ones inside the apps. To give you a better advice here, we'd appreciate if you can provide us with a short video of the situation occurring for you.

Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any other questions.

Kiril Moderator
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Agreed, same thing has been happening with me for the past month or so. I really do not like Anton Bruckner. His symphonies are boring AF. I may have searched for something once on a research project, but he haunts my Release Radar every week in spite of my best efforts. It's annoying as all get out.

I have the same thing happening! Every single week, there's at least one track by Anton Bruckner. Week after week, I click "Remove" and yet it never stops. 

This keeps happening to me too. But it's been months and no change. For me it's Nascar P 13k. I might've liked a song of his like a year or two ago. I feel like it was a song that he was one of several guest artists on. I really have no idea. Dude releases music like every week, and every week he back on my Release Radar, despite hiding the songs. Searched my Library and can't even find a song of his. Yet over and over again, he's recommended. Really irritated and the only problem I've had as a subscriber for years. 

Exactly the case with me! Nascar P 13K also! No idea why he is my list, but I dont even like the artist. Fix this Spotify!

im having the same problem. each week i get something like high pitch sounds that should be healing, **bleep** that. do i need to remove one of the artist that i like to hopefully not get**bleep** on release radar and weekly. think its been maybe 2 months now. 

Same problem here, it's "Nascar P13K" every week and I have not liked a single song, though he might be in a playlist somewhere. You used to be able to "dislike" and artist, as well as a song. Would be great to have this feature back.

Same thing, trying to deselect certain songs or artists doesn't seem to work



My Release Radar playlist consistently contains artists I have repeatedly clicked remove on. This has been happening on the order of months. How can prevent an artist from being selected for release radar?



I get Cool Keith every week. Top of my release radar. Never really listened to him much. Yet there he is. Every. Week. 

It's simple, as the title says. Every week, when my release radar updates, I get the same two artists inside of it. I have always clicked on the "hide" button for their songs, but that does not seem to stop them from coming back every week. I've also tried to block their artists profile, but that option does not seem to be available. Furthermore, I am not following them. I've never liked or listed to any of their music. Please just let me able to block them somehow. I am on Desktop, and I have Premium. Thank you. 






iPad 7th gen

Operating System

iOS 17.5.1


My Question or Issue

I’ve had Taylor Swift muted for years, and I still get recommendations for her new music. 


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