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Saving an Album doesn't add the tracks to the SONGS playlist

Saving an Album doesn't add the tracks to the SONGS playlist

Prior to the update, whenever I saved an album the tracks would be saved to my library in 3 places. The artists page (where all songs saved by that artist are kept), the albums page, and the songs page. 


On the songs page, it would always add the most recently saved albums/songs to the top of the playlist. I loved this so I could listen to my most recently saved music all back to back. However, now when I save an album it only goes to the ARTIST and ALBUM pages in My Library. 


Any idea how to fix this? 


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iPhone XS and Windows 10

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Hey @nativemotion.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


We recently made some changes to the way Your Library works, including the way in which albums are now saved. To find out more about the changes, make sure to take a look at this Spotify Answer.


We regularly run updates to improve your experience with the app. The refreshed Your Library was developed to help you manage and access your favorites faster. It’s the first version of this update and we’ll continue to build on it based on your feedback.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you need anything else 😉

Thank you for helping me access my favorites faster by having them be in more different locations. I really like this system, to help me get dressed faster I place every single piece of clothing in a different location. That way I can spend the time I otherwise would have just spend getting dressed on walking to my clothing. This saves a lot of time, almost as much as having a different folder for every single file on my computer.


Just in case it wasn't clear enough, that was sarcasm. I actually don't like this "feature" very much, and would like to have to option to listen to all my songs, including the ones I saved in albums, in one place without having to add all of them to a playlist.


We live in a society.PNG

I’m also really frustrated by this change! Especially because there isn’t (as far as I can tell) a simple way to add all tracks of an album to saved songs without clicking the + for each individual track. And on the mobile ios app, that is incredibly tedious. Please revert back, or give users the option to configure what songs get saved to “saved songs” or make it an option under the ellipsis menu for an album to “add all songs to ‘songs’”.

Fully agree with previous comments; please change this ASAP!

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