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Sorting my library by category

Sorting my library by category


I've got my physical album library first of all sorted by category (classical, jazz, rock etc). In that way I can browse more easily through, say, my jazz albums and be reminded of those I haven't listened to for a while.

I can't find a way do a similar sorting i Spotify. Now I have to browse through all of the albums that I have saved, even if I'm only interested in the jazz section.

Am I missing something?

If not, I would appreciate this feature in a future update.

4 Replies

It is by my understanding not possible to sort your artists or albums.
However, in spotify it is possible to sort made or followed playlists through the desktop webplayer or app, both on pc.
So, my advice is to follow certain playlists or make them yourself, if you at some point have too many playlists, you can also make folders through pc desktop/app and sort them there.
I have over 500 playlists and still know how to find every single one of them 🙂
Hope this helps

Thanks for your advice!

I have started to sort the albums in folders, but it doesn't solve the problem completely (you can't sort the content in a folder).



Hi @Meol !


I hope you're doing well. Unfortunately, at this moment, it's not available in Spotify to sort your whole library based on music type.


A possible workaround would be for you to organize them through playlists.


At this moment, there's an active idea that is similar to your suggestion. I'd suggest that you add your kudos and comments here to bring more attention to this idea:



Good idea! I have voted for it now 🙂

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