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Spotify Wrapped does not count offline listens?

Spotify Wrapped does not count offline listens?

Hello there!


As everyone, I just got the Spotify Wrapped stuff and felt my top artists, podcasts etc. were very accurate as well.


However, after clicking on my most listened song, it told me I streamed it 18 times in total, which, honestly, is far less than I think the realistic number was. 

I always play music offline with the downloaded option on my phone, only occasionally I use Spotify on my PC and there it's actually streaming. With how little I do that, 18 times for top played would make sense there too.


But this makes me wonder, is the top 100 song playlist only based on online streams? All other discussions I found said no, but the only 18 streams are undeniably there... And that kind of defeats the purpose of the whole feature.


I'd appreciate some feedback on if I overlooked something here or if this is an actual problem? 


Greetings & happy listen


When will you make a separate "audiobook" category on Spotify, my top artists are always infested with authors for Wrapped lol

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I’m interested in getting an answer to this also. @Spotifyhelp

Hi @TunefindX,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


The music you have listened to offline throughout the year is also taken into account for Spotify Wrapped stats. When it comes to Private Sessions, your listens in private sessions don't count for charts and songs, but do count for minutes listened.


Hope this clears things up. The Community is always here if there's anything else you need assistance with.


Take care!

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