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Spotify Wrapped help

Spotify Wrapped help

I have been trying to access the Spotify Wrapped interactive video that has the most listened to songs and artists, minutes played for the top artist, and more, but I haven't been able to. When I clicked on the notification on my iPhone, it took me to what I think is called the Spotify Wrapped Hub(?) with the top songs, artists, podcasts, and things like that. I have also tried clicking on the link at and it takes me to the same place. Where can I find the actual video? (the only thing that is personalized to myself that I have found is pictured below)


Update: I have gotten a notification that says that my Spotify Wrapped is now available, but when I clicked on that it took me to the same place, without the story. Also, I am using an iphone X and spotify premium.

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I'm having the same issue with mine as well, also on iPhone 12 and running iOS 15.  I've been using premium since 2012 and never had an issue with wrapped before.

I have the play list available but no story 😞


Fixed! I deleted and reinstalled the app

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