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Spotify keeps switching from grid to list view

Spotify keeps switching from grid to list view







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Currently having a really annoying issue with a new update. Since I've always hated having to scroll through every song of every album to get to the specific one I want, I always use grid view to click on the album I want. The issue now is that whenever I click on an album, maybe to move a song to a playlist, and then go back to view the albums again, it's back to list view. So I have to switch to grid every time I enter an artist page. Why can't it just remember my settings?

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I already updated to the newest version and reported the bug earlier in this thread. I'm now on Spotify for Windows and it's still reverting to list view for me today. It's not as consistent as it was in previous builds, but the bug is not fixed. I've deleted temp files and everything. Sometimes restarting Spotify fixes the problem, but it always comes back.

Cannot imagine you didn't gave user a CHOICE how they want it to look like. I find changes like this really rude. I don't believe it's hard to support few different layouts, for such big company.


Bug is still present!! How many software engineers does this company employ to provide this service and none of them can fix a bug where when I click on something I get a greedy data return rather than exactly the data I am looking for? When I click on an album I expect it to load that album, not bug out in a whole list and then move the scrolling pane to the album.

Clicking on an album icon anywhere in spotify should lead me to the album and only the album, clicking on see all should give me the tiled album art view first over the list view or remember my last view style for that artist or which I had last selected anywhere in the app.

This really is horrible design. I get the discography page is there to provide an overview, but even if I click on "Albums" on an artist page under the "Discography" header, then click on an album, it takes me to the full discography page.


I specifically click on an album, so take me to the album page. This shouldn't take me three clicks. 

It was fixed for a day and now it's reverted back to the app not remembering when I choose grid view. Again, if I click an album, I want to see that album and not the whole discography. All the users who voted for list view have bad taste. 

I activated an old forgotten account of mine just to reply to this thread. 


It is absolutely baffling how such a simple issue has yet to be fixed. It's not even a functionality, it's a core display setting. Atrocious! If this was podcast related I'm sure the whole Spotify team would move ASAP. 


Fix this. Please. I love the app and I could never get anywhere far from it, which is precisely why this bothers me. 

Finally fixed with an update. If yours isn't try going into Microsoft Store, searching for Spotify and selecting update if there is one available. Mine apparently wasn't auto updating.

All is good now.

Having just read MattSuda's reply, I'd like to clarify something about my complaint. 

I do NOT believe that Discography View should be removed. I believe it should be made optional.
I can totally understand why some users prefer the Discography view, even though I am not one of them, and I firmly believe that these users should have the option to view an artist's entire discography by clicking an album.

What I disagree with is a non-optional  change to the UI that, for many users, creates redundant interactions that weren't a problem before the update.
While it's great that Spotify is accommodating users who prefer the Discography View, I don't understand why the users who don't  are being left behind.
That's why this sort of thing should be an option in Preferences, or just something Spotify remembers.

This is something I mentioned in my initial reply, but I want to make it unmistakably clear that I am not arguing for one design over the other.
I am arguing for both designs as options.

Fix this ASAP, it's an essential issue


I, like many others in this thread, have been frustrated by Spotify's decision to default to a list-view display of all of an artist's albums when an individual album is selected. I understand that the page of an individual album can be accessed by clicking on that album's title in the discography list view display, but personally, when I click on an album I want to view the contents of that album alone.

A major reason for this preference is that, about 95% of the time, when I listen to an album on Spotify I don't want Spotify to continue playing the previous album(s) in the artist's discography, which is the result when an album is played from list view. I want the album I've selected to end, and I don't want anything else to play after that unless I've queued it up. Yes, I can access an individual album's page by simply clicking on the title in list view, but it gets annoying to have to do that every time I want to see an album, which is very often. I believe users should be able to change this navigational default in preferences.

I don't know if this is the case, but I suspect that Spotify chose to implement these settings because the result is more streams: most people will play a song/album in list view, and when that album ends, the next album will play automatically, etc, etc. If so, then it is a clever way to elicit more streams. However, I believe a user should be able to opt out of it, even if many users are indifferent to the change.

Every time I switch from the full album view (list of albums with songs) to the thumbnail view than I switch to another location and then go back to the albums view it reverts back to the list view instead of remembering my choice how to view albums. 







Operating System



I would really like to have Tile view back by default on the discography page too. Having to click the button every single time is annoying. 

Still automatic list view, no option to click 'grid view' in preferences for example. Come on, as a developer I know its a piece of cake, get it done please.

Almost half a year has passed and this is still not fixed. Extremely annoying. I have to deal with this literally every day.

How is this still not fixed? Please give us an option in settings to always default to grid view.


Hi everyone - we have been sharing this feedback internally and the team will be looking to make a change soon. Thanks for all your comments, watch this space. 

Wow, it's fixed! 

it is!! great!

This is happening to me and no matter what I do it won't go back to grid view. I've tried following the steps here and it isn't working and I would like to go back to grid view.

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